Tactical Rehabilitation : Most Admired Rehabilitation Centres to Watch

Serving those who Serve” has been the philosophy from the very onset of the creation of Tactical Rehabilitation. Tactical Rehabilitation serves the national heroes with the lives of each of their employees, dedicated to the improvement of each service member’s health. Tactical Rehabilitation’s goal is to always provide the very best in products and patient care to ensure every hero receives products that will help them heal and improve their health, not just slow the rate of their current condition.

Globally, different organizations are specializing in delivering excellent DME services to the healthcare segment, however, Tactical Rehabilitation Inc. stands apart from the rest. Tactical Rehabilitation Inc. incepted in 2013 by Mr. David Marr is a full-service DME organization with a mission to serve the individuals who serve the country. The organization gives the best products and the most significant level of service to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. All of Tactical Rehabilitation's products are battle-tested and are being used by service members deployed throughout the world. The company's office staff are trained to provide the highest quality care and fit for patients and serve as a resource for providers.


The Products & Services


Tactical Rehabilitation focuses on improving the health and chronic pain/mobility needs of the military community. The center delivers custom solutions and best-fit products based on each patient's requirement. The major category of products includes TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) & Interferential Stimulation (IF) Units, Custom Orthotics, Spine-Back-Neck, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Product Training. 

The center also provides Industry leading Mass Posture Theory-based custom orthotics which are available exclusively through Tactical Rehabilitation from manufacturer and designer Sole Supports and Doctor Ed Glazier. Tactical Rehabilitation is a leading brand name in bracing, neuromuscular stimulation products, bone growth stimulation products, to name a few. All the products are focused on ensuring the non-drug-based rehabilitation needs of the nation's heroes.

Talking about the demand for the products and solutions, Kevin says, "Our flagship product comes from an OEM called Sole Supports.  Everyone wants them and we have partnered to have the exclusive offering to the US Military.  There are so many desired patients who bring us their products from competitors and ask us to make them ones that work and help them heal.  They are wonderful moments for us to realize our partnerships matter and our offerings are second to none and our solutions offerings ensure our servicemen and women are ‘service-ready’, which is the mission of all branches of the military."


Journey So Far


In 2013, CEO David Marr set out to create Tactical Rehabilitation to address the critical needs of the US Military in BIO-Mechanical health care, a critical component of "service ready" needs for the US Military.  It was David's efforts and knowledge, opening his third company in the umbrella market of DME, and one entirely focused on the US Military that began the amazing journey Tactical Rehabilitation is on to heal those that serve the country.  With David's compliance knowledge, Medical DME knowledge, and lots of ingenuity, David opened the first store outside of Ft. Bragg, and soon after, the second shop servicing Camp Lejeune, both in North Carolina.  Like all start-ups, it was a lot of relationship building and partnering to find the right best solutions to serve the unique needs of the stress put on servicemen and women.


In 2019 Kevin MacRitchie was hired in as COO to take the entrepreneurial vision set forth by David, and the growing executive team, to a full-functioning business with the best possible healthcare balanced with the requirements of growing the business in order to serve all the nation's heroes serving in the US Armed forces, their families, and veterans.


Kevin MacRitchie’s Narration  of his Journey at Tactical Rehab


Talking about his  journey and views at Tactical Rehabilitation to InnerReview, Kevin says, 

"It has been an amazing and wonderful journey.  I entered the scene here at Tactical Rehab by joining the 2019 annual year-end meeting, participating in all events (except the all-company employee photo) as someone interviewing for the role and willing to come for 4 days to learn more about the company when no other candidate was interested in spending that kind of time to get the role, I suggested to the executive team they let me come and see the company in action allowing me to see the company in its native state and creating my first opportunity to interview in-person with the entire Executive Team.  David Marr – CEO – simply told everyone "Why, that is Kevin'' when asked who I was, adding to the mystery of the guy dressed in black with the notebook taking countless notes during the entire affair."

“Since then, I have worked hard to understand the business model, the employees, the difficulties and successes by listening to the employee base and visiting with them in person to do all I could to earn their trust and morph a very good business practice into an amazing place to be that expands on the foundational culture/vision/mission/goals and creates growth in opportunity, business and our ability to expand services and reach/deliver our solutions to more and more in need.”

Furthermore, Kevin expresses, "Equally important has it been to earn the trust of the existing Executive Team and take the foundational owners' entrepreneurial skills that created such an amazing company and transition the core operational elements of the company to a well-run and smoothly operating business core that exists to serve our employee base so they may exist to serve our patients. There simply exists no greater role than to wake up knowing you have the best team in the market and get to serve the greatest heroes that ever lived on a daily basis."


The implementation of vision through the quality of operations

Tactical Rehabilitation reaches out to every patient and helps them to make their entire experience simple and amazing, thorough educational opportunities, and support their every need throughout the entire process. The center deploys technology to support patient operations and medical bio-mechanical scanning to deliver the highest possible solutions in the industry.  The firm has partnered with only the best solutions that focus on a specific intent to heal, not simply slow the degradation of one's condition.

All this forces Technical Rehabilitation towards better solutions and requires a better business model and higher state of operational excellence to sustain in the industry and is blessed with a team that is up to the challenge every day. 

Reviews, ratings, and feedback point towards the quality of service for any business. Tactical Rehabilitation and Kevin proudly state, "We have the highest 5-Star rated service in our industry. Our patients provide us consistent 5-star reviews, testimonials, and request upgrades from competitive providers and their brands of products that simply do not meet the standards we set for healing."

Moment of Euphoria i.e. Utmost satisfaction

Kevin expresses the bestowed milestone that remains as the moment of utmost satisfaction. He says, "Trust and Empowerment, by earning it from my employees who solely want to focus on the needs of our patients and by earning it from my management through running a solid expanding business that can balance both sides of the healthcare business. This includes seeing my employees grow and take their leadership among our ranks and identifying which ones will take the current executive teams place when the time comes for that succession."


Kevin draws motivation from the satisfaction of serving the national heroes

Nothing is more motivating than watching the happy & satisfied faces of national heroes. Kevin believes that being able to serve them is a privilege. Expressing his motivation to do more, Kevin says, "I am motivated by our many patient successes, our will and desire to serve our nation's heroes, and by the giving nature of our executive team to always do the right thing for our patients, providers, and employees.  I am also, as a part of my role, the one that must keep our team motivated to new ideas, new employee skills, that we are thinking ahead for their future, and that we can continually grow and outpace the growth of the market so we are still here for our employees and their grandchildren that want the same opportunity to serve the heroes we get to see each and every day."

He also adds, "My role has ever expanded to a simple definition of ‘Run the Company’… three simple words that ensure I am focused on retaining our best employees, creating a lifelong desire for our employees to want to work at Tactical Rehabilitation, ensuring teamwork is the measure of our internal attitude, and ensuring every employee lives under the banner of Serving those that serve others with a heart to do so.”

In order to garner the success we have grown into, we listen to our employees, enable the "Art of the And" with the constant goal of "How do we get to YES".  Our executive team is hyper-focused on the needs of our patients and our employees. For me, it is about balancing the needs of the business with the priority needs of the patient, to ensure we have a successful business that will always be here for our patients and our employees as a life-long career.

 All of this, and an effort to enhance our technology, ease of doing business, and an amazing patient experience through our "Tactical Experience" programs, makes it simply a fun and rewarding place to be."



Sticking to the mission is the future plan

Kevin Says, “Our goals are clearly stated in our vision/mission/goals statement which is to provide the best possible products, solutions, and care to the servicemen and women, their families, and all who retire from service.  Disney always said it best by saying keep this simple and allow yourself to expand to new frontiers that can expand upon a company's core competencies, and never stray far from them to sustain excellence.  

We do not want to be surgeons, or real estate specialists, we want to heal the biomechanical needs of the US military so they can protect our freedom.”