Sneh Desai: India's Most Inspiring Speaker & Business Coach

Early Life

If someone wants to achieve great things in life, they need a strong foundation, much like a tree needs deep roots to grow tall and withstand challenges. The deeper the roots or stronger the foundation, the better the chance of success. The story of Mr. Sneh Desai is quite similar to the quote. 

At the age of four, his parents sent him to learn meditation. At the age of seven, they sent him to learn in-depth information on the conscious and subconscious mind. His educational adventure had only just begun, and he still had a lot to learn. At the age of 14, he became one of the youngest Yogacharyas and began learning about complementary medical practices. 

Sneh had been performing on stage by the time he was nine years old. His parents forced him to interact with the outside world rather than just concentrate on academic learning, which enabled him to develop excellent public speaking, communication, NLP, and other talents. The combination of several different skill sets that made him stand out from the competition as a life and business coach, not any one of them alone.

Selection of Content or niches of development

Mr. Sneh Desai adds his thoughts on content selection saying that Although the specific topics covered may differ from one workshop to another, the overarching objective is to help our participants cultivate a mindset that is conducive to success, and then equip them with a range of valuable tools, tips, secrets, and strategies that can be applied to achieving their desired life goals.

Online courses strategies and included methodologies

Sneh Desai says, ‘World after pandemic has taken a big shift, before then we used to conduct offline seminars’ He used to conduct offline seminars and workshops on over 70 different topics across 28 states in India and 7 countries prior to the pandemic. 

These workshops covered a range of subjects such as mindset, psychology, parenting, training, business development, and entrepreneurship. However, the pandemic prompted a shift to conducting online workshops, enabling access to participants from all over the world. 

Some of the most popular online seminars he offers now include 

●       "You Can Be a Millionaire," 

●       "Speak and Get Rich," 

●       "Spiritual Money," 

●       "Law of Attraction," and 

●       "Goal Mastery." 

In contrast, his offline workshops tend to be more residential programs, such as "Train The Trainer," "Unleash The Entrepreneur Within," and "The Super Rich." One unique aspect that sets his workshops apart, regardless of whether they are conducted online or offline, is the inclusion of guided meditation. Mr. Sneh Desai always ensures that all of the knowledge and skills shared with participants become ingrained in their subconscious mind, ensuring that they are never forgotten.

Inspiration Source/ Guidance

Mr. Sneh credits his parents with greatly influencing him, and he adds that they have been his steadfast supporters throughout his seminars, offering advice and inspiration at every turn. They sent him to a meditation class when he was just 4 years old, and at age 7, they explained what the subconscious mind was. 

By the time he was 14, he had studied different forms of healing  therapy and had become a Yogacharya. By the time he was 16, he had read numerous religious scriptures, including "The Bhagavad Gita." His parents were the first members of his team when he launched his own company at the age of 17, and their support and direction have remained continuous. 

He was motivated and inspired by Tony Robbins' work early in his career, and he is still motivated and inspired by it today.

Goals And Motivation Behind 

The potential to have financial independence, time freedom, and the ability to leave a lasting legacy, according to Mr. Sneh Desai, have all been made possible by his line of work. Observing how participants' lives improve as a result of attending his workshops and seminars is what inspires him the most. 

The happiness that comes from assisting people in making positive changes in their life and achieving their goals cannot be described or compared to anything else. His goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of 10 million people by the year 2025, and he sets out to do this by teaching individuals through his online and in-person training sessions how to solve problems in real-world situations

Memorable Moments Of Life

According to Mr. Sneh Desai, they have organized more than 50 seminars and workshops covering various topics like spirituality, relationships, health, business, and finances. Among all the events, the Growth Summit that took place in Surat in December 2022 was one of the largest in scale. 

The event had renowned speakers such as Deepak Chopra from America, Sunil Tulsiani from Canada, Suniel Shetty from Bollywood, Gaur Gopal Das from spirituality, and a few billionaires who are the diamond kings of Surat. Mr. Desai considers this event as a major milestone in their journey, and bringing international legends to India has always been a dream for their team, which is gradually becoming a reality.

Memorable Client Success Stories

One of the stories that motivates him to work harder and contribute more to the world is the one about Ms. Jagruti. She had foot problems from birth and had undergone 17 major surgeries, yet she was still unable to walk. 

But after attending his classes, she understood that rather than her physical difficulties, her thinking was the main problem. She participated in various classes where she discovered how her thinking had limited her throughout her life. 

She traveled alone for the first time in her life and engaged in activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. He understands how difficult skydiving can be because he likes to do it, but it was encouraging to see her determined and self-assured despite her physical limitations.

Today, she is an entrepreneur who is making money and is self-sufficient. She also helps others like her transform their lives. This story is very close to his heart, and it motivates him to make a greater impact in the lives of others.

Roadmap Of The Future

Desai's parents sent him to numerous tutors and workshops in addition to his formal education so he could gain useful life skills as a young child. In order for people of all ages to succeed and find fulfillment in life, they need real-world education outside of schools and institutions. He wants to provide them with the same chance. To do this, they introduced the "Life Gurukul" app, a one-stop resource for resolving all life's problems. 

The app contains over 30 different themes, workshops, and seminars to assist people enrich their life, including health, spirituality, business, and goal achievement. It is available for free download. The intention is for Life Gurukul to become as well-known as Netflix, where viewers may watch and learn at their leisure. Additionally, coaches from all around the world can share their learnings on the Life Gurukul app and get passive money while improving people's lives.

They have currently held sessions in seven nations, including Canada, America, the UK, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and others. He and his staff of trainers aim to disseminate this knowledge and wisdom over the world since they feel that there is a rising need for it there.

A Piece of Advice

As per Mr. Sneh Desai, In the current times, the world requires entrepreneurs who can address the challenges that humanity is facing. However, with this responsibility comes the need for caution. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to identify a distinct problem and offer a unique solution that sets you apart from your competitors in the current market