Spintly: Most Brilliant Company to Watch

IoT has emerged as one of India’s fastest-growing technology areas, following the widely adopted digital revolution. It is driving the next big digital revolution and paving the way through automation. The IoT has become the most popular home automation these days due to the rapid increase in people’s awareness and tendency towards smart homes. With the development of home automation, much attention has been paid to the IoT. The IoT is being highlighted by the advent of international players such as Amazon Echo and Google Alexa. More common devices include smart remote controls, smart locks, smart lights, smart doorbells, and smart air conditioner controls. Not only the home, but the IoT is also disrupting various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, supply chains, energy, and agriculture among others.

Using the base of innovation and the digital revolution, Spintly has grown to be one of the most innovative global companies in physical security and building automation. Spintly is based in San Jose, CA, and Goa & Bangalore, India. The company initially started as an IoT company that develops IoT from smart lights to smart locks, and eventually evolved into an access control company. Their expertise is in creating a mesh network of wireless devices that can communicate seamlessly with the cloud. Spintly took advantage of this feature to create a completely wireless cloud-based door access control system. Spintly gives users access to smartphone-based contactless access control, providing contactless technology solutions for work, home, and hotels.  Spintly started in Goa’s small office with four employees and started getting customers to Goa early on. After that, it slowly gained customers in Bangalore and began to grow in other parts of India. Currently, Spintly’s team has more than 65 members, representing India, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, and the United States.

The Brain behind Tech

Rohin Parkar is Spintly’s co-founder and CEO. Before founding Spintly, Rohin worked in Silicon Valley’s wireless technology space. He began his scientific career at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) and then worked for 12 years at major technology companies such as Motorola, Nokia, and Broadcom in the United States.

 He returned to India in 2017 and founded Spintly in 2018 in collaboration with his childhood friend Malcolm Dsouza (now Spintly’s CTO). Rohin is passionate about creating products that solve real-life problems. But most importantly, Rohin is passionate about giving back to society. He believes that entrepreneurship is not just about creating wealth, it is a way to help people get out of poverty and build a bright future for humanity.

Spintly- Defining Innovation

Spintly was born out of a building management room full of door controls, fire alarm panels, lighting control panels, and numerous cables for connecting all systems. The hardware occupied the entire room of the building, and the cables ran across the floor of the building. Rohin Parkar and Malcolm D`souza devised a controllerless, fully wireless building automation platform that allows all devices such as access control readers, smoke detectors, and lights to communicate with each other over a mesh network. Their own decision. This is how Spintly was developed as an integrated wireless platform for building automation. They first decided to focus on the physical security aspects of the building and develop a complete end-to-end access control solution.

Spintly is transforming the physical security industry with all-wireless cloud-based access control systems. This eliminates the complexity of the process of deploying an access control solution in a building. Traditional access control systems require a lot of wiring and are very difficult to manage. The Spintly system is completely wireless and very easy to install. Without wiring, installers can save more than 60% of their time and cost and be more productive.

Spintly adds, “Our Vision is to make the built world smarter and simpler by providing a frictionless access control experience to users. Spintly Also plans to simplify building automation using its wireless IoT Platform. Spintly is the world’s first fully wireless access control solution built using BLE-mesh and Thread technologies.”

Awards & Recognitions

  • Best IoT Company – 2020 by BETA
  • Achievement Award 2021 – Goa Technology Association
  • 101 Top Consumer Electronics Startups in India2021 – Business of Shopping
  • Tech Startup of the Year – Entrepreneur Awards 2021
  • Won second place at Asia PropTech and Beyond Pitch Start competition 2021
  • Thread Group Innovation enabler award 2022
  • Best 5 Biometric Companies in India 2022- Insight Success

Expressing its core values that separate them from its competitors in the industry, Spintly says, “Innovation, problem-solving, and customer-centricity are at the core of our business. All our business decisions are based on a few questions which we ask ourselves. Are we innovating enough? Are we solving a problem that a customer cares about? Are our customers delighted by our solution or service?”, Says Spintly.

A piece of advice to budding Entrepreneurs

“For any Entrepreneur embarking on a start-up journey the key is to identify a problem which is affecting a large population and he/she can solve it effectively. And then the most important quality an entrepreneur needs to possess is perseverance and the ability to continue despite challenges and failures.”

Spintly’s view on a Healthy Work Environment

A healthy workplace is one where employees and management collaborate to encourage healthy actions and interactions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

When it comes to achieving a positive outcome in a stressful situation, a healthy workplace environment is essential. We at Spintly believe that the most important factor is influencing employee motivation and satisfaction, as well as their productivity and efficiency in their working environment.

Busy yet a brighter tomorrow

Spintly is the only company innovating in the area of ​​building automation with physical security and wireless mesh technology, so it’s a great opportunity to become a global leader in this area. Spintly plans to use its unique wireless mesh product for access control to expand its footprint globally and gain market share quickly. The industry is at stake as these systems move from on-premises to the cloud. There is great demand for solutions that can be easily integrated with other software systems and platforms. Ease of use and seamless user experience are key factors in determining the adoption of a particular solution.

Furthermore, Spintly adds, “We believe in innovation and investing in a technologically driven approach that can meet the standards of a top-notch security system at the same time is affordable. Our long-term vision is to build a wireless future for the building automation industry. Spintly is currently focused on scaling up its operations and expanding further in international markets of Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.”