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Let us introduce Dr. Hany Saqr, a physician who started his career in Egypt and earned his medical degree before pursuing his Ph.D. in Neuropathology at The Ohio State University, After receiving his Ph.D. Dr. Hany became a college professor who devoted himself to teaching basic sciences.

Alongside his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Hany established a thriving community center in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, which quickly became one of the most attended and dynamic in the region. His passion for community development eventually led him to join Life for Relief and Development (LIFE) as a board member in 2015.

Because of his dedication and hard work, Dr. Hany was appointed as the CEO of LIFE in 2017. Under his leadership, LIFE has achieved remarkable success in providing humanitarian aid and relief to those in need around the world. Dr. Hany’s  journey has been nothing short of incredible, and he is grateful for every opportunity that has come his way.

Source of Inspiration

Dr. Hany has devoted his life to helping those in need. He is a committed doctor and the CEO of a company that has operations in 36 countries. Dr. Hany is committed to being of service to others, and when he sees the joy and relief on people's faces after helping them, his heart overflows with warmth and compassion.

His guiding concept is based on the idea that serving others comes with greater fulfillment than achieving success for oneself. Dr. Hany is motivated by the vision of a society in which everyone, especially defenseless children, can flourish and realize their full potential. Working towards a world in which everyone has the chance to live happy, healthy, and productive lives is, in his opinion, the only worthwhile goal.

Inspiration Towards the Job and Aims


He views his profession as a calling rather than merely a job. He and his team plant seeds of compassion and hope every day in order to see them grow in various communities and cultures. Moreover, Dr. Hany aspires to leave behind a world that is wealthier, kinder, and more equitable even if he may not survive to see the whole fruit, motivated by the selfless farmer who plants an olive tree for future generations. 


He adds, nothing makes him happier than witnessing an orphan's grin after LIFE has made a difference in their life. His career as CEO of Life for Relief and Development has been motivated by his desire to change the world. His leadership has enabled the group to significantly improve the lives of underserved populations all across the world.



"For the past 30 years, Life for Relief and Development has been committed to improving the lives of people all over the world," Dr. Hany says in reference to his efforts. Everyone should have access to needs like clean water, healthcare, and education, according to the organization.

For this reason, they have developed a number of programs to provide aid where it is most needed. The organization's goal is to help the weak and empower underprivileged populations, which is why it supports orphans and offers emergency aid in times of disaster.

Life for Relief and Development initiatives in the preceding year had a tremendous impact. They delivered more than 4.8 million meals to individuals in need while also sponsoring 11,000 orphans, digging 278 water wells, and donating $20 million worth of medical supplies and equipment. 

In 27 nations throughout the world, their emergency assistance operations helped people who had been impacted by floods, droughts, and earthquakes. Although the organization is proud of its achievements, it also understands that there is always more work to be done.


Dr. Hany reflected on his accomplishments and remarked that Life for Relief and Development has had significant growth over the past few years. The organization has put in a lot of effort to become one of the best NGOs in the world, and it is obvious that their efforts have been successful. Life for Relief and Development has increased its charity budget from $9 million to an incredible $45 million in a short period of time. 


However, Life for Relief and Development is not just concerned with the numbers. They are committed to bringing about genuine, long-lasting change and improving people's lives all across the world. For this reason, they have widened its scope to 36 nations and projects, including their work in health care, family support, education, and other fields. 


Memorable Moments Of Career Life


The Global Orphan Party they hosted for 10,000 orphans across 27 different nations last year was one of the most memorable and heartwarming events he has had at LIFE. It was extremely heartwarming for him to see these kids, who have seen so many challenges in their short lives, come together to celebrate and share the joy with one another. 


He adds that he will never forget the joy that radiated from their faces as they laughed, danced, and played together; it was a sight to witness. It served as a lovely reminder of the strength of community and the difference we can make when we work together to bring some joy and light into the lives of young people.




After becoming the CEO of LIFE, he realized the need to embrace the digital age and transform the organization to become more efficient and effective. However, digitizing an organization comes with its own set of challenges and risks.

Dr. Hany had to prioritize which departments and processes to digitize first and ensure that they were making strategic decisions to achieve their long-term goals. Despite these challenges, LIFE was able to successfully implement digitization within the organization. They leveraged new technology to streamline processes, improve communication, and increase their reach to help more people.


Future Insights


Dr. Hany thinks that the growing tendency toward globalization is driving the nonprofit sector's transition toward servicing a wider variety of people and places. This tendency will continue to be significantly influenced by digitalization, which will assist firms in increasing their worldwide effect and reach. He anticipates that as technology develops, there will be more creative ways to use non-profit work to address some of the most important global problems.


Advice To Newcomers


In order to enhance corporate operations, Dr. Hany thinks it's critical for entrepreneurs to adopt cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). AI is altering how we work and live, and it offers many chances for business owners to optimize their processes, get a deeper understanding of their markets and customers, and open up new doors for expansion and influence. Entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in today's fast-paced, technologically-driven business environment by staying ahead of the curve and utilizing AI.


Future Business Plans


Dr. Hany Saqr has a very clear vision for future plans. He expects that investment in infrastructure, modern technology, and digitalization can restructure business processes and boost productivity within his company. This will enable the delivery of vital services and resources necessary for their survival to more vulnerable populations around the world. His organization wants to enhance the lives of those in need all across the world by adhering to this plan of action.