Mohammed Mobin Mallick, Founder & CEO, Kiran Smart

Mohammed Mobin Mallick is the CEO and Founder of Kiran Smart, a provider of information technology and services that provide a diverse variety of goods, solutions, and services ranging from IT to Digital Transformation to Robotics to Ai and Fintech. The first humanoid robot firm in Kuwait, Kiran Smart has won awards for being the country's most cutting-edge robotics technology company. The firm offers IT services to commercial and residential consumers and is registered in Bangalore, India. Mohammed Mobin hopes to fundamentally alter the Indian IT landscape with Kiran Smart. His company focuses on a range of IT solutions designed to inspire innovative thinking within the sector.


Mr. Mohammed received his MBA from Cardiff University. He has experience working with LG and Sony factories in the UK. Eventually, He established his firm in the UK selling Asian ethnic clothing, but he was forced to relocate to Kuwait owing to future plans in the Middle East. He was working as Business Development Manager and afterward became an IT specialist. Mr. Mohammed has an extensive experience in distribution channel management for clothing made by Asian ethnic groups in Wales, commencing with the LG and Sony manufacturing facilities. He has previously worked as a partner to sell their solution in the GCC market with Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Sophos, Fortinet, Engenius, McCafe, and Symantec. He chose to start his own business after expanding his understanding of business operations and making progress in the IT industry.


A true ‘Future Legend’ is what others say about him and indeed it is true. Mr. Mohammed's family is his biggest support system. And his father, the late Haji Noor, is his true source of inspiration. Mr. Mohammed believes that he is now in a position to use his enthusiasm to make a difference. He confronted obstacles on a daily basis, both personally and professionally, and overcame them to surpass his rival peers in the industry, acquire the confidence of clients, win over devoted workers and a clever team, and work with dependable manufacturers.


Kiran Smart Company WLL is a firm that has operated in several places and offers I.T. services to consumers and commercial clients. It successfully combines technical know-how and subject-matter experience to provide clients with tailored computer networking solutions and system integration solutions. They offer industry-standard effective services, IT consulting, IT service, IT consultation, and IT solutions as one of the leading IT companies. They take great effort to ensure that every project is effectively delivered by their qualified specialists in accordance with customer demands. To discuss and think through the specifics of the project requirements, their team gets in touch with the client. After the design process, their solution architect specialist develops the most creative solution while considering cost and other variables. As part of its growth initiatives for the company's expansion, Kiran Smart will diversify its technologies and add new goods to its portfolio.


There are many and many achievements that Kiran Smart Company has achieved over the years, they have not just been recognized nationally but also internationally and received awards, but the single most important thing is that they were able to win over the public's trust during the pandemic when they used their robots to help humans escape COVID 19. This is their greatest accomplishment because it shows that they are capable of saving humanity. Most Admired Global Indian 2020, Global Excellence and Leadership in Serial Entrepreneurship, Leaders of Future by GCC Leadership, Inspire Global Leadership Award in Robotics and Ai, a few awards won by Mr. Mohammed; but the one award that he has won for life is people’s trust. He says being able to be trusted by so many people feels grateful. The trust of the consumer helped Kiran Smart become a well-known brand. Their commitment earned them respect in the marketplace and the IT sector. 


The thing that describes Mr. Mohammed the most is a challenge taker. He would reply ‘Challenges’, which are something he likes to take because it motivates him to do better in life. Robotics being his only passion, his objective is to use his robots to help people live better lives in the future. He aspires to get better every day compared to yesterday. His driving force is the idea that once he passes away, people should remember him for doing good deeds. Mr. Mohammed has successfully navigated a number of difficulties during his business path through creative strategic planning and perseverance.


Mr. Mohammed has faced several challenges and difficulties on his journey as an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO:

§       Financially: To overcome the financial obstacles, he had to put up more effort to provide people with services right away so that they could get money right away. To safeguard investment and quickly recover it, they temporarily ceased extending loans to consumers. To maintain and expand their business, they had to lower profit margins.

§       Maintaining Team: Mr. Mohammed has always had a hard time finding the perfect people for the job, so he always outsources the selection process to agents, and he does a final interview to find those who may be of great value to the business. Because for him the team is the backbone of any company and if one can find the match it will make the business reach great heights. 

§       Retaining Customers: Getting clients is simple, but keeping them loyal and staying with the brand is difficult since there is always new competition. Because of this, they had to offer their best option to them, one that fits their budget without sacrificing quality. They are keeping their personnel on high alert to support the consumers around the clock


Mr. Mohammed thinks that having a strong sense of leadership is one of the qualities an entrepreneur must have to develop and succeed. A superb leader is significantly more effective at managing his team. He also thinks that a capable leader guides the group and fosters their development by preventing or resolving all of their conflicts. A leader is more effective at resolving complicated challenges because they have expertise in a variety of scenarios and issues linked to the company environment. Maintaining focus on goals and never, ever giving up. To succeed, one must have a lot of patience and a good outlook. Lastly, stay current with all the most recent market developments.


Mr. Mohammed is very dedicated and views himself as one of the potential leaders who will employ robots to serve humans. He wants Kiran Smart to be recognized as one of the world's leading providers of cutting-edge products and services. He says “We are Kiran Smart, and we would like to solve all the issues intelligently throughout the world. We always believe in equality, togetherness, flexibility, motivation, fair opportunities, and duties that define the work of each one that is intended to execute.”