Established on 1st January 1991 as a service provider in Heat treatment, Industrial Inspection Services’ long & eventful journey began with its first project of providing heat treatment services of pipe joints for NACE and some critical low alloy materials to companies like Dodsal enterprise, Larsen & Toubro construction group, SPIC, etc. at the ONGC Hazira that provides gas for northern India. This follows with addition of NDE L-II services, Ultrasonic testing in 1992. Subsequently they started providing heat treatment services of pressure vessels and then added other services like PT, MT, NDE L-II services, RTFI, QC, etc. As of now, they have 180 professionals with NDT Level-I, II & III qualifications and expertise 80 well experienced Heat treatment technicians providing excellent services under the leadership of Rajesh Gandhi, a veteran expert. 


They have started our journey with single Heat treatment unit (electrical resistance) to cater small pipe joints. Now they have reached the stage where we can heat treat many big vessel joints at the same time with multiple type of Heat treatment technique (using oil fire burner, using gas fire burner, with high voltage control panels and with low voltage transformer) and this is only one vertical they have more than 45 NDE L-II Ultrasonic testing professionals carrying out defect detection in various part of country. They have more than 125 NDE professionals who carry out Dye penetrant testing & Magnetic particle testing to detect surface breaking detect in various industries in India & our team of inspection engineers providing valuable input in deciding integrity of fabricated structures. They are associated with several big names, such as L&T (over 25 years), L&T Boiler (more than 20years ), L&T Hydrocarbons (more than 20years), ACC, Ambuja cement (more than 20years), GNFC (20 years), Isgec Ltd., BHEL, etc. for providing PT, MT, UT, VT and RTFI services to clients from industries such as fabrication, heavy Industrial Inspection Services Pvt. Ltd. is also well known for its consultancy, providing NDE L-III services for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approval, which is mostly opted by pressure vessel manufacturers involved in exports, since last 20 years. The fact they have attended almost 50 ASME audit so far, is a testimony of the firm’s leadership in this segment. 


The founder, Mr. Gandhi, has a vivid experience of 38 years in the field of NDE. After pursuing Post graduation Diploma in Radiological Physics from the world-renowned BARC in 1982, he acquired the highest level qualification available in the NDT field from the American Society Non-Destructive Testing [ASNT L-III (UT, MT, PT, RT, VT, ECT, etc) and Level 3 as per ISO 9712 (UT, MT, PT, RT) from the European community. Starting with radiography inspection in 1983, he has added qualifications in various NDT like Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Radiography Testing, Visual Testing, and Eddy Current Testing. 

Mr. Gandhi has a unique blend of first-hand experience of various NDE in critical industries such as Fertilizer, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Nuclear, and Defense and have a clear view ofthe future growth momentum of the NDT industry. He believes in maintaining the highest quality standards with timely delivery of services, and at Industrial Inspection everyone follows these principles. This reflects in the company’s long association with some of the biggest name and its affirmation comes from Crisil rating, since last 6 years they are getting Crisil SME 2 rating corresponds to Crisil MSE-2 which indicates high operational and financial performance.


As part of its expertise, Industrial Inspection Services delivers heat treatment services – local stress relief of weld joints at fabrication shops as well as other sites for welded components in pressure vessels, storage tanks, rollers and pipe joints. They stand out even in providing critical in situ heat treatment for stress relieving where they have a team of around 80 people. They have carried out the largest in situ job done in the country for RIL Jamnagar (16.3mm diameter). They have developed hybrid techniques to meet the heat treatment work of large and critical refineryreactor equipment made of alloy steel with CrMoV elements and thickness up to 330mm, which only a few companies in the world have tackled.


They have a troika of experience promotors who are committed towards achieving their goals. Our skilled manpower is in the process of continuous training, learning, and innovation. This is the key to our success which sets us apart from other players in this segment.

They are amongst the very few NDT service providers who have got a presence in raw material inspection, during fabrication and in-service inspection catering several products form including plate, casting, forging, welding, and in-service inspection to a sector like petroleum, petrochemical, cement, fertilizer, shipping, nuclear industry, hydrocarbon, defense, steel, and fabricators in the socio-economic and climatic condition in India and abroad. The knowledge, wisdom & experience of the promoter and team are what makes them a unique organization, especially in this industry.


For any business to succeed one needs to anticipate what the customer will require in the foreseeable future, then gear up the organization so they can fulfill it while their competitors are still catching up to them. Automation is changing the face of the fabrication industry. It has also changed the way NDT service providers work. Their team routinely updates hardware (equipment) and software (training for our team by internal and external lines of instruction) to cater to today’s complex material, geometric, and safety requirements, which will help them to achieve the quality and reliability of NDT services that are of prime importance to them. Fortunately, they have an extremely experienced & qualified leader (having over 38 years of general NDT experience and almost 24 years as ASNT L-III, currently in six methods) that puts them a step ahead in the competition.

With time-bound completion of projects, their clients expect them to focus on two major things: quality of service and Quick delivery. Heat treatments, NDT, and Inspection are no exceptions. They have ensured that they move towards automation as far as possible during the time of this pandemic, where it was challenging to ensure continuity of work due to obvious reasons. This greatly helped them reduce errors over time. The heat treatment process has been upgraded to 100% programmable controllers that require minimal human intervention. In the other NDT sectors, they are trying to introduce automation, except in ultrasonic, where they have had limited success. Since the advent of remote inspection, they have undertaken quite a few online ASME audits in the last year.


They feel fortunate to have a good mix of experience and youth in their team. To adapt to the ever-evolving technology, the team constantly innovates & upgrades its skills. Combining the valuable experience with young minds’ skill sets and continuous training helps the team overcome challenges. With the delegation of responsibility and constant encouragement, along with meticulous evaluation, they have achieved maximum productivity. They have encouraged achievers by rewarding and compensating them. Low-performers are given continuous support through training and mentoring. In their experience, this is particularly effective at enhancing quality and productivity because their prime competency is to complete tasks on time with the utmost precision and quality, which has enabled them to become market leaders.


  • Largest PT & MPT service provider in India.
  • One of the largest teams for Providing Ultrasonic Services in Offshore platforms, Casting, Welding, and raw material.
  • Participated in more than 50 ASME Stamp as NDE L-III for various clients.
  • Carried out ISR -LSR China by internal oil firing & in a furnace is challenging condition -20C

Carried out local stress relieving of largest C/S joint in India by electrical Resistance heating (FCC Re-generator for RPL, Jamnagar, carried out at L&T Shop, Hazira, size being 16.3m dia x 48mm thk.).

  • carried out local stress relieving of thickest job (For Mallaika reactor, Malaysia

carried out at L&T Hazira 6meter dia x 330mm thk.) We are carrying Out LSR of pressure vessels with low voltage (80V).

  • Outstanding entrepreneur 2013 given by the National Association of Non-destructive Service Organization (NANSO)
  • Right choice award 2020 most trusted NDT & Heat treatment service provider of the year.
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive testing services providers by Silicon India 2019.
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive testing services providers by Silicon India 2021.
  • Company of the year by Silicon India 2021.
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive testing services providers by Industry outlook 2020.
  • Top 10 Non-Destructive testing services providers by Industry outlook 2021.
  • Featured in one of the most prestigious financial magazines Fortune India, electronic edition on 24th December 2020



 “India is the land of entrepreneurs. In the last year, more than 40 start-ups became a unicorn. Many more are ready to achieve similar status. The agency’s experience shows to grow continuously you should understand the ever-changing requirement of your customers and prepare yourself in advance. Innovation hard work & prudent finance management is the key for not only survival in hard time but also for the continuous growth”.


 Shifting into Pvt. Ltd. Company since the last financial year, Industrial Inspection Services is geared up for further growth walking on the roadmap. They are continuously investing in new equipment & manpower, which will further strengthen their position as a market leader. Industrial Inspection Services Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 certified co. CRISIL, one of the most trusted rating agencies in the country, has rated them MSE2 continuously for the last 6 years, indicating exceptional financial strength & operating performance. 

Owing to today’s rapidly changing technological world, where digitization & automation has become a buzzword, there’s a need to not only keep yourself updated but also your software (team’s skill) and hardware (equipment). In the next five years, Industrial Inspection aspires to scale up its leadership position & expand its horizon beyond India.