I-Conic Solutions: Most Prominent Healthcare Service Providers

Healthcare is one of the highest priorities and the largest sector in both developed and developing countries. A wide range of industries that generate both work and income include medical facilities, medical equipment, health insurance, telemedicine, medical equipment, and medical tourism. This huge segment is growing at a tremendous pace and faces unprecedented challenges and changes. The healthcare industry is booming. As technology advances and becomes more widely available, many healthcare companies are facing more and unprecedented levels of competition.

India`s healthcare industry has transformed into one of the largest sectors of the country and the USD 100 billion worth market is projected to reach USD 372 billion by 2022. As with the booming of the healthcare sector, the space is exhibiting a plethora of opportunities waiting to be tapped in the market. Iconic solutions LLC is a pioneer in making Revenue Cycle Management and medical billing revenue systems for the clients` needs as effortless and effective as possible.

Established in the year 2018, ICS has steadily captured a good place in the market. It has financially achieved almost 600% of growth in its first year of incorporation and nearly 450% in the following year during the tough times of the Pandemic.

I-Conic Solutions: Providing comprehensive, unified healthcare management services globally

I-Conic Solutions was embodied with a mission to be the leaders in Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions in Healthcare & to help hospitals make society a better place to live by improving healthcare delivery to patients.

ICS firmly believes in providing value-based solutions with confidence in resourceful investment practices. The company has a sincere team that uses innovative methods to ensure competent management to handle any number of deliverables to guarantee complete ease to its clients.

Talking to InnerReview Magazine about its values and Structure, Pankaj Kumar Akshay says, “Most medical revenue billing system outsourcing companies are facing bottlenecks in how to handle increasing pressure, but at IConic Solutions, we make sure our staff stays up to date. the update is like our backend to provide not only the latest services but also transparency. all of our customers. I  founded ICS with the vision of providing profitable service of the highest quality to my clients by implementing new, effective ideas and skills that I was able to acquire during my 12 years in the medical industry. economics. I have worked with a number of companies where, for some reason, I was unable to use these skills to the benefit of my clients. I’ve always wanted to create such an environment that my clients will see that they have co-sourced the business instead of seeing it as an outsourced business. In addition, I want to establish a platform for my colleagues where they will feel more like a partner than an employee.”

Also talking about the business policies and agenda ICS follows, Pankaj happily asserts, “ICS always tries to focus on the long term business rather than short term business. We deliver extraordinary services to our clients by clearing all the uncertainty and queries within the period and we have surprised and astonished our clients with the extra work completion within the timeline and with no additional cost.”

The CEO Corner: Pankaj Kumar Akshay

Pankaj Kumar Akshay, CEO and Managing Director of ICS, holds an MBA in International Business and Trade from Symbiosis University. To further strengthen his knowledge of the corporate market and its strategy, his next step was to complete leadership management at IBM I Berlin Germany. His foundation was very attracted to medical billing. He has contributed to well-calculated time and intelligence to stabilize costs, human efforts, and market risk to change the revolutionary trends in the industry. He has over 10 years of outstanding experience in the US healthcare and RCM industry and is complemented by numerous accreditations, awards, and awards. He is known for his futuristic vision and solutions.

Pankaj has served multiple organizations and has implemented over 100 successful migrations and stable processes. He is an influential mentor as he began his career as an AR analyst and climbed the CEO’s ladder. His skills include starting from scratch and autopiloting the project. He strongly believes in creating value based on goals, trends, and results. He promotes the advanced benefits of working life between rural and urban inhabitants, provides equal opportunities for all, and shares common goals and visions for customers, employees, and employers. He has engaged himself to provide the best platform for creating transparent venues of interest for all.

Eyeing a better tomorrow

Iconic Solutions aims to continuously improve customer satisfaction by providing society with superior, state-of-the-art healthcare IT services and products. Be the global healthcare organization of choice and make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem.

Talking about their plans to InnerReview magazine, Pankaj expresses, “We are committed to providing excellent customer service and affordable performance management. We provide a comprehensive and integrated management facility that provides comprehensive and reliable services for local and national planning. We improve the financial lives of our providers by giving them the freedom to focus on patient care. Making IConic Solutions, a leader in cloud-based healthcare solutions, a leader in cloud-based healthcare solutions, the most customer-friendly company, helping hospitals improve patient health care and make society a more livable place. the most customer-friendly company, helping hospitals improve patient health care and make society a more livable place.”

Furthermore, he adds, “We want to continuously improve our client’s satisfaction by providing them better and state of art. We want to globally plump for healthcare organizations and make a difference in this industry.”