Dr. Natasha Shetty is a Cosmetic Dermatologist and an Aesthetic and Ant-aging Physician.

Dr. Natasha Shetty is a Cosmetic Dermatologist and an Aesthetic and Anti-aging Physician. After almost a decade of medical education and 5 years of practical experience in both Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr. Shetty founded Skin Series where she now offers cosmetic treatments along with a wide range of retail products that enhance her practice Skin Series is a skincare clinic based in Mumbai, prioritizing patient needs and comfort
above anything else. It’s never just about the treatments they do in the clinic but also about the overall experience of consumers from the moment they walk through the door. Her educational background has given her the privilege of experiencing more mature markets and bringing in a new level of practice and care to their consumers.


Skin Series offers minimally invasive treatments that can yield transformative results while bringing out the best in you. Their service menu includes wide range of treatment options that can either be used alone or in combination with others to help their patients get to their skincare goals, one step at a time. They believe in a holistic approach to skincare and carry a selection of retail products to aid post-treatment care and maintain the results
they achieve through their treatments. Their bespoke treatment plans are carefully curated and customized to every individual and their skincare needs. They start with an in-depth consultation where they consider lifestyle, diet, and hormonal profile and the impact they can all have on not just your health but also your skin. This is followed by a facial assessment and then creating a treatment plan that works on specific concerns. They believe in delivering long-term results over short-term satisfaction.


Upon completing her primary medical education in Mumbai, she got her Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from an esteemed pioneer the field, which introduced her to the field aesthetics. She, then, received her Master’s degree in Clinical Dematology from Wales, Ul After returning to India, she began working with a Corporate Aesthetic Clinic in Mumbai. She also got her Fellowship in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine from an American Academy, which required her to train partly in Dubai UAE, and partly in Miami, USA. Her exposure diverse cultures has given her a better under-
standing of global standards of practice, while she aims to share with her clients through he organization to meet the rising demand for aesthetic medicine in India.